Andrew Jenkins has been an important part of LiLY’a work since 2013, when he joined LiLY’s corps of volunteers and then in 2014 became its Board President through 2019.  Andrew has lived on the Upper West Side since he studied at Columbia University where he earned his MBA in 1988.  He wanted to give back to his immediate community in Morningside Heights. But he is involved elsewhere as well.

As a leader at his Church further downtown, Jenkins helped to implement an enduring program that brings eucharistic ministers to the homes of those who cannot attend church, usually older seniors, to provide communion and deliver mass. It was this experience, regularly visiting an assisted living residence that he became familiar with the plight of the very old in our culture. Thus, when he learned about what LiLY was doing in his own community, he says, “things clicked”. He wanted to be involved in the movement to help elders age in their own homes and connected to community and to new lasting friendships.

Jenkins also sits on the NYC Leadership Council for Ashley, a Maryland based drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation center that also offers a specialized program geared to teenage boys. Ashley’s treatment center was founded in 1983 by Father Joseph Martin, a Catholic priest, recovering alcoholic, and pioneer in addiction treatment. Its New York City offices focus on raising awareness and raising funds for Ashley’s work, never more important than in these times with growing drug and alcohol addiction in the nation.

With a wish to help strengthen his own community, Jenkins joined LiLY’s corps of volunteers six years ago, visiting, assisting, and befriending elder neighbors in need. A year later, he joined LiLY’s Board as its President. From that time until the time of his resignation this past autumn, Andrew has been a tireless supporter of LiLY’s community role in Morningside Heights and since 2017 in West Harlem. He has been an inspiration to others as he has demonstrated how New Yorkers can help to develop their immediate communities and how they can support a good neighbor policy.

Jenkins has worked in financial services for almost four decades and has been a high yield bond analyst for the past twenty years. He is currently the Director of Research at Muzinich Company, Inc. He has also served as the Treasurer on the Board of 390 Riverside Drive in Manhattan. . For relaxation, Jenkins also tries to make time for a regular game of tennis. His wife Ellen Jenkins has also been a contributor to the work of LiLY. Their daughter is Tilly “Kat” Jenkins.