photo by erica lansnerDeborah McManus, who early in her career worked as a researcher for Time Magazine, enjoyed finding out about vital issues to bring to readers, including the lengthy Watergate saga in Washington D.C.  Because it was practically impossible for a woman to write for a major magazine in those days,  McManus returned to school to study architecture and urban planning, and after earning her professional license, eventually started her own business. Today, as a musician (classical piano), she is deeply involved in the world of music and runs the choir she founded, the SoHarmoniums.  The choir is based in SoHo in Manhattan and gives two notable concerts annually. In 1999, she co-founded The WellMet Group, now known as Wellmet Philanthropy, which funds start-up organizations within the five boroughs of New York, in order to support their growth at a time when most needed. Deborah also manages the DJ McManus Foundation.  It contributes to nonprofits involved in the arts, education, human services, and fortifying communities, as well as a program called “Eleanor’s Outings,” named after McMcManus’ mother, providing excursions to the theatre for seniors.  She particularly likes to find new strategies to address needs.